The Scale Institute offers a journey that identifies problems worth solving that create future opportunities with impact.


Organisational Design/Transformation

Mapping current processes and workflows - Business process review, gap analysis, evaluation and designing a transformation framework for business improvement and business model innovation. Using an Agile Innovation framework to test alternate hypotheses or compare strategies

Entrepreneurial Strategy Development and Planning

Strategy review, evaluation, development and advice. Setting the long-term vision for an organisation, function, department; Customer / User Experience strategy development. Strategy implementation planning.


Professional Development

Entrepreneurial awareness programs, leadership courses, skill & capability development - Capability reviews and assessment - Knowledge management advice, curation and support

Project Management

Leading and managing innovation projects using agile methodologies, qualified staff and following recognised project management methodology - Project planning in advance of starting the project - Facilitation services (e.g. 'Lean', 'Agile', 'Design Thinking')