Thank you very much for your contribution to our workshop for entrepreneurs with disability. It was much appreciated and your offer in the email below to provide access for Neutopia is excellent. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
— Simon Darcy, Professor of Social Inclusion, UTS
It was truly a pleasure to work along-side Stephen to set-up the core unit of study at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. Stephen’s guidance, contacts, and passion for entrepreneurship were instrumental for the development of the unit, as was his understanding of the complexities of administration and strategic direction in higher-education.
— Martin Bliemel, Director, Diploma in Innovation at UTS

We needed a program designed for the ASEAN young entrepreneur delegation. We immediately contacted the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. Stephen Rutter, curated and led an excellent one day program and was reliable, helpful and friendly throughout the process despite the time-sensitivity. Thank you Stephen for providing such a great, high-quality service to our international network.
— Guy Boekenstein, Director, ASEAN Team, NSW Department of Industry
Stephen is that rare combination of visionary who can come up with great ideas, and connector who follows through to put all the pieces in place to make that idea happen.
— Maxine Sherrin, Program Director, Spark Festival

Stephen’s extensive experience is evident with the knowledge and tools that he brought to the New Venture Institute’s strategic review and start up planning work. He assisted us to scope and undertake relevant research as the precursor to enable us to drive our strategic positioning process.
— Matthew Salier, Director, New Venture Institute Flinders University

Stephen, is an incredible individual; in my dealings with him I have always found him to be hard working, extremely knowledgeable and a man of the utmost integrity. He has the ability to deal with people in a very friendly, highly creative and humorous way focusing on business with a warm and assured manner. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Pete Coogan, Baker Coogan Productions

Never afraid to get his ‘hands dirty’, Stephen is always willing to provide critical feedback, get involved and open doors when you run out of options. He leveraged his practical experience, strategic thinking and broad network to make meaningful contributions to our progress.
— Hartley Pike,  Co-Founder, Construction Cloud

Your ability to design and implement entrepreneurial programs is a unique skillset and it is great that you are able to maximise your impact by being involved with multiple programs. Look forward to working with you again.
— Elizabeth Jackson, Education and Program Director, Phronesis Academy

Stephen is an inspiring leader whose entrepreneurial mindset allows him develop commercially viable solutions to difficult problems. He has an intuitive understanding of innovative business models and capitalises on opportunities without delay.
— Liam Daley, Project Manager – Capability TAFE NSW

Thank you for your insight and willingness to provide real life examples and scenarios. If this first meeting is setting the standard for the next 6 months, we are in for one huge growth curve.
— Hamish Munro, Director, AAPTICON